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Generate over 1/3 more revenue

If your payment kiosk doesn’t pay for itself within the first 3 months you’ll get the 2nd year FREE! That’s the EasyPay Promise.

The EasyPay Promise means a NO RISK investment

At EasyPay we recognise that very few NHS Trusts are immune from the measures of lean budgets and ambitious targets. That’s why we invented EasyPay… The safe, efficient and measureable way to generate additional revenue within a hospital environment.

As a trusted NHS supplier nationwide, EasyPay Network machines have been shown to increase revenues on average by more than 1/3. We’re so confident that an EasyPay payment kiosk will pay for itself in under 3 months, that if it doesn’t, you’ll get it FREE!

Take a look at our Revenue Birth Rate Matrix to see how much an EasyPay payment machine could generate revenue for your hospital trust.

Revenue/Birth Rate Matrix Calculation

The average spend on scan pictures across the EasyPay Network is £16.15 (when charging £5 per picture).

No. of Births x Average Spend = Potential Revenue

eg. 8000 x £16.15 = £129,200

That’s a masive increase on annual revenue

It all adds up with EasyPay

Take a look at the average stats across our network. You’ll be surprised at how effective our payment machines are:

Why is EasyPay so effective?

EasyPay is so effective at maximising revenue. Here are just some of the reasons why:

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