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Patients securely pay for their prescriptions using EasyPay touch screen kiosks.

Payment machines for Prescriptions

A simple and secure touch screen kiosk where patients can pay for their prescription items 24hrs a day. Trusts can streamline their operational efficiencies and reduce the amount of income lost through out of hour’s payment facilities.

Patients securely pay for their prescription using the touch screen kiosk.  Proof of purchase is printed out and can then be exchanged for their prescription items.

 The Kiosk is backed up by a comprehensive onsite warranty and support package, as well as ‘real-time’ online monitoring software.   

There is a clear audit trail for your finance department.

How does it work?

  1. For any out of hours prescription payments the patient is directed to the payment kiosk.
  2. The patient simply pays for the required amount by either cash, debit/credit card or contactless or Apple Pay payment at the payment kiosk.
  3. A receipt is printed as proof of payment, which can then be exchanged for their prescription.

Flexible payments mean 35%+ more revenue...

Credit or Debit Card
Apple Pay

There are so many benefits to using EasyPay

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