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Maternity Scans

Patients securely pay for their Ultrasound scan pictures using EasyPay touch screen kiosks.

Payment machines for Maternity Scans

With the easy to use touch screen and the option to pay by credit, debit card, Apple Pay or cash, the
EasyPay Network payment machines offer both convenience and flexibility. Our studies have shown that the flexibility in payment options leads to the patient buying more copies of their scan picture. In fact we have found that over 60% of patients choose to buy multiple copies of their scan picture when using our touch screen kiosks, therefore significantly increasing revenue generated for your department.

The payment kiosks collect the payments both safely and securely, meaning the staff themselves do not have to handle cash, which frees up their time and more importantly reduces any risk.

The kiosk can be configured to charge in line with individual trust’s pricing structures or priced independently. EasyPay kiosks are also backed up by a comprehensive onsite warranty and support package, as well as ‘real-time’ online monitoring software, providing detailed analytics accessible from any computer via our EasyPay Network.

How does it work?

  1. Patients are scanned as normal and once the diagnostic examination is completed to the Sonographer’s satisfaction the patient is asked how many pictures they would like to buy.
  2. The actual thermal scan images are printed by the Sonographer at the end of the scan.
  3. The patient simply pays for the required amount by either cash, debit/credit card or contactless or Apple Pay payment at the payment kiosk.
  4. A receipt is printed as proof of payment, which can then be exchanged for their scan pictures.

From our extensive experience we’ve found this way works best and is recommended by us. However we fully understand not every hospital can follow the patient journey above for numerous reasons and these hospitals still collect payment with no trouble at all.  With this in mind, we have added a refund function to the payment kiosk allowing staff to refund patients if there is a problem with the scan itself. The refund process is simple and straightforward – please contact us to find out more.

Flexible payments mean 35%+ more revenue...

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