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Amenity Beds

Patients securely pay for their amenity beds using EasyPay touch screen payment kiosks.

Payment machines for Amenity Beds

Hospitals are currently losing valuable income by not having a clearly defined system to collect money for patients wishing to stay in amenity beds.  With our payment kiosks the patient or patient’s partner can be directed by the midwives (or similar) to the payment kiosk where they can pay for their allocated amenity bed.

The touch screen can be tailored to display room numbers with pre-programmed prices, along with number of nights stay.

With the easy to use touch screen and the option to pay by credit, debit card, Apple Pay or cash, the EasyPay Network payment machines offer both convenience and flexibility. 

The payment kiosks collect the payments both safely and securely, meaning the staff themselves do not have to handle cash, which frees up their time and more importantly reduces any risk. The responsibility for the actual payment side of things is taken of staff and the onus is put on the patient to make payment by the machine. 

There is a clear audit trail for your finance department.

How does it work?

  1. The patient is allocated a private room.
  2. Staff direct the patient to the payment kiosk to pay for their stay.
  3. The patient simply pays for the required amount by either cash, debit/credit card or contactless or Apple Pay payment at the payment kiosk.
  4. A receipt is printed as proof of payment, which can be handed to the ward clerk.


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