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Products & Applications

EasyPay Network payment kiosks are highly versatile and can be applied to a number of solutions to improve services for both customer and vendor.

Maternity Scans

Patients securely pay for their Ultrasound scan pictures using the touch screen kiosk. Our studies have shown that the flexibility in payment options leads to the patient buying more copies of their scan picture. In fact we have found that over 60% of patients choose to buy multiple copies of their scan picture when using our touch screen kiosks, significantly increasing revenue generated for your department.
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Radiology departments are increasingly asked by patients for copies of their X-Ray images. With EasyPay we make this service an additional revenue stream, handling a process otherwise unavailable to radiology departments.
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We provide chip and pin, contactless machines. With added ease of use, these machines don’t require ward staff to empty them positively impacting on staff efficiencies, reducing risk by not storing cash, and adding accountability traceability and flexibility of payment for patients.
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Amenity Beds

Where patients pay for the use of a private room after giving birth. Most hospitals want to charge for this service but don’t have the means to handle the payment. With an EasyPay solution departments can simply direct people to the machine.
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A&E Payment Solutions

Take payments from patients not entitled to free NHS health care. Simply direct people to the machine where different language options are available, to walk the patient through the process,
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Bespoke Applications

A touch screen payment kiosk that can be tailored to meet individual departments payment requirements. A kiosk can generate that much needed revenue. It can drive sales, reduce staff costs and stop loss of revenue by offering a payment solution 24hrs a day.

Using the touch screen, patients securely pay for their item by either cash, card or contactless payments. Proof of purchase can be printed out and can then be exchanged for the item.

Examples of our bespoke payment kiosks are amenity bed payments and deposits for NHS items, but for more information or to chat through your bespoke project solution contact us today.

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