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How it Works - A Trust Perspective

EasyPay payment machines are designed in every way possible to make the life of the staff on the department an altogether easier experience

NHS Trust Journey

> We can inform patients of specific departmental information prior to patients attending clinic via our FREE colour inserts.

> Importantly staff will no longer have to handle cash as they will direct them to the payment kiosk. This reduces risk, makes for a better working environment and removes any issues that may arise from working with cash.

> It also stops the Sonographers having to ask for and collect money. We’ve found this is one of the main reasons hospitals get a payment machine in the first place.

> Usually it’s either General Office or the Cashiers Office that are responsible for emptying the machine. We provide full training on the day of install and are happy to provide additional training FREE of charge at any time thereafter.

> When the machine is emptied we demonstrate how to securely access a password protected area of the touch screen. Once in this secure area it is very simple to print off an audit receipt to match to the cash takings. This audit receipt will show the exact amount and in which different denominations of coins and notes that have been taken. Once emptied, the machines counters can easily be reset back to zero.

> As part of the service we provide access to your own Online web portal. This allows visibility on real-time transactions and can be used to check the status of the machine. Reports can easily be generated to show usage trends and transactions taken over a specific date range period.

> Our Aftercare package includes a dedicated support telephone number to report any problems or queries. We also can access the machine remotely should the need arise.

NHS Administrator Interface Walkthrough

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