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There are many benefits to using an EasyPay hassle free payment solution.
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X-ray payment kiosk Leicester

We had our Snapper Design payment machine installed in one of our x-ray waiting rooms on 25th September 2014. This waiting room serves our patients from A&E, and some of our Outpatients and the area is open 24/7. Whilst these sorts of machines are commonly used for taking payment for antenatal ultrasound scans, we were not aware of anywhere that used them as a means of taking payment for Plain..

Added security

Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey now has a more efficient sonography department following the installation of EasyPay Kiosk, a new payment machine. The hospital installed the payment machine to allow patients to buy copies of their twelve and twenty week obstetric scans, and eliminate members of staff having to handle money.

Trusted nationwide by the NHS

With EasyPay installations nationwide, we’re trusted from the Shetlends and Orkneys right down to Portsmouth and Guernsey.

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